Katie and I were recently lamenting the loss of our Admirals Club access from our Citi Prestige card, especially since we just booked a trip to France and Spain for this September (post is on its way). Up until July of this year we have the benefit of admirals club access when travelling on an AA flight, regardless of our cabin. Unfortunately, Citi is doing away with this benefit in what looks to be a way to entice people over to the American branded AAdvantage Platinum card they offer. It seems trivial, but once you’ve had a taste of the #loungelife it’s tough to subject yourself to the gate area to wait for your flight. I’ve used this benefit on a number of flights and it’s really come in handy. We had a delay in Chicago a few months back and rather than waiting at the crowded gate, or going to the airport bar and spending $50 for an app and two glasses of wine, we headed to the lounge. There we enjoyed comfortable seating, free wine, and snacks that really makes the waiting more bearable.

So I was thrilled to see this little nugget hit my inbox today:

Two one-day passes to the admirals club, courtesy of Citi. It looks like this was a targeted offer, but it’s best to check your spam just in case you received it. We’re flying economy to Paris but having this will start the trip off fairly nicely.

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